Project Date: March 2017

Project Type: Renovation

Project Price Range: $200,000 - $300,000

Hamptons style makeover - Ashgrove Renovation

Time had taken it's toll on this classic old Queenslander in Ashgrove. The roof was leaking and rot had set in to the entry and side verandah. The clients contacted Urban Solutions Architects to help them breath new life into their home & their lives.


After adding a deck at the rear some years ago, the original side verandah was underutilised and needing repair. Urban Solutions Architects gained BCC approval to remove it and reclaim the space for an ensuite & study space. The main bathroom was also renovated and a fresh colour scheme inside and out made a world of difference.


The original brief did not address the tired and cramped kitchen (the clients had put in the "too hard" basket). Once the renovation was underway we saw that there was an opportunity to resolve their dilemma and suggested relocating the kitchen to a more central location and converting the space to a dining area. 


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