Whether a new home, a renovation or a multi-residential project, architectural services can be grouped into the 4 main phases of the project. These are:


  • Project Definition

  • Design

  • Documentation

  • Construction


Each client and project are different and the services required also vary from project to project according to:

  • the client’s needs,

  • the complexity of the brief,

  • the site constraints

  • town planning or other regulatory requirements, and

  • the method of selecting & engaging the builder


For most residential projects, this means that we are unable to provide an up-front fee proposal and need to undertake the Project Definition phase to reach a point where both client and architect have a clear understanding of the project and the client’s needs.


For this reason, we have established a 4-step process for the Project Definition phase. This process will provide the client with a defined brief, a realistic budget and a concept design and take the project to a point where we can prepare a comprehensive fee proposal to complete the project based on a defined scope of services with fixed fees.


Our design process is tailored for various project types. Please select your project type below for more information